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Reflection Statement

Senior Project has been one of the greatest experiences I have had here at Florida Gulf Coast University.  It challenged my knowledge, artistic skills, time management, organization, self-motivation, and the ability to complete an entire exhibition, from start to finish, with my own research and creativity.  I was able to stretch as far as I could, pushing the limits, of what could or couldn’t be done.  From this, all of my ideas were able to come out and be placed in front for all to see.  I challenged myself in creating an exhibition that wasn’t just full of art, but packed with ideas of the female body and its ability to be more than beautiful, more than something erotic or sexual.  Instead, it is neither naked nor nude, but natural.

Through my five years here at FGCU, I was able to take all that I have learned and apply it into my final project.  The only thing that was different yet challenging, was the idea of only meeting with Patricia Fay every other week.  This challenge allowed me to be in control of my project and ideas.  Each meeting helped me focus and polish my thoughts, kept me in the correct direction, and helped me complete my project successfully.  I managed my time, organized my thoughts, ideas, and was able to collaboratively put things together. 

After researching other artists, collecting information, and drawing out my ideas, I was able to effectively produce a body of work that spoke in more ways than one.  Not only was my work meant to grab the viewers’ attention, but to make them stop and think about their feelings.  I love the idea of playing with other people’s emotions, getting them aroused in a way to questions their own ideas of the female body.  I learned how to push a topic most people do not feel comfortable talking about: nudity. 

I have not had this much extensive experience with researching, creating, installing, and speaking about my art.  It is not easy to create a body of work with three different medias and then have them all go together in a single room.  I completed that challenge.  I learned how to take all the medias I have passion for (drawing, design, sculpture, ceramics, graphics), and put them together.  In the beginning I was focused on which materials I liked more or new would be my strongest.  However, as the semester went on, I no longer was concerned for the materials but rather fascinated by the ideas I had been creating.  From my thoughts spun a much deeper passion: to complete a project without negative distractions or limitations, by doing what my heart was telling me to: be brave, bold, and unafraid. 

I feel I have created a powerful work of art that has collected both positive and negative feedback.  The negative feedback allowed me to learn how to overcome others beliefs of what is correct, proper, or considered sexual.  And I realize no matter what is said, created, or shown, there will always be those who have their own beliefs of my art.  From this, I learned how to take that negative feedback and push it all into a very optimistic point of view.  Further enhancing my success in my project. 

There was much more positive feedback from my project which allowed me to become skilled at expressing my ideas, thoughts, and feelings through my art.  Though my art is bold and aggressive, it is also considered to be soft, sensitive, and intimate.  I learned how to connect my emotions with modern feminist thoughts: body image, self-esteem, empowerment of women, sex verses beauty, etc. through the use of a display that consists simply of the female form. 

I also learned that when working with others, things that are often easy for one person to do might become more of a challenge when additional people are involved.  This entire project was based on a collaborative effort and I learned how to take others skills and abilities to help me make my project effective.  Working with others and managing my time has enabled me to complete this project and to leave FGCU with a sense of accomplishment.

I feel I am leaving my final semester with more than I had ever dreamed of.  Not only have I erudite how to become a successful artist, designer, and person, but I also learned how to educate myself in a way that will benefit me for the rest of my life.  From that, I have to say thank you for assisting me in a once in a lifetime opportunity to be educated by some of the best professors around.  You have helped me pave a path for success and because of that; I thank you. 

Nude - Senior Project  
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